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The Company

I really love this business because every job is new, personal, and always a challenge. My work is so rewarding in that I get to bring my client’s ideas to life.

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Introducing Kawartha Lakes General Contracting General ContratingKawartha Lakes General Contracting is a licenced general contracting company employing dozens of employees and trades and contractors and managing several jobs at a time. See below for a list of the Locations Kawartha Lakes General Contracting Services.

Kawartha Lakes General Contracting started when the owner decided he liked being on the job site better than at a drafting table. He began in the direction of architectural design and realized that his hands on and creative approach was very effective and that he was quickly in demand. In the beginning Kawartha Lakes General Contracting did very well building fences, sheds, and garages for homes in the city. Over the years Kawartha Lakes General Contracting took on more challenging renovations and remodels for both residential and corporate clients.


Kawartha Lakes General Contracting continues to work really hard at building a great reputation with the local businesses and residents and Summer home owners. Kawartha Lakes General Contracting’s core competencies include understanding their customer’s requests and having the ability to visualize how it will look when the job is done and seeing the job finished to a “T” and working within the provided budget and setting up reasonable expectations. Kawartha Lakes General Contracting truly believes that the finished project has to look exactly like what the customer wants.

One Call does it ALL for your Lake Home Additions, Remodels, Renovations, and so much More!

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