Following are answers to our most frequently asked questions – if you have any more questions, please contact us.

Do you take care of the permits and allowances?

Yes! Some things don’t need permits and we know what these are and when you do need them we will get them and make sure the job is completed so it passes inspection.

Are you a licenced contractor?

Yes the company was first licenced June 1992 in Ontario as General Contractor. We verify all the services and trades, such as electricians & plumbers, who work on our projects are experienced and qualified and have current certifications where required.

Do you do electrical & plumbing?

Yes, we take care of all your needs. See here for a list of some of the Services & Trades we provide: https://contracting.ourfingertips.com/services/

What jobs have you done recently?

  • Full cottage extension
  • Remodelled bathrooms
  • Upgraded kitchens
  • New garages
  • New decks
  • New docks
  • Installed new siding
  • Installed new roof
  • Basement installations
  • many more

Who can we contact for references?

Upon request we will provide you with a list of references you can contact where we have recently completed work similar to your pending projects.

How many on your team?

Kawartha Lakes General Contracting currently employs 6 full time employees and over 50 sub-contractors, for example we have 4 reliable local electricians on speed-dial.

Do you do design work and draw up blueprints?

We have a short list of great designers who do this work for our clients and we are often teamed up with our client’s architects and designers to follow their provided plans and directions.

Lets meet first and look at examples and discuss your needs before engaging an architect and/or designer. In many cases we are able to help our clients get exactly what they want and save the additional time and expenses of these services.

What are your rates and how long will our project take?

Whether your project is a simple plumbing issue or a full kitchen remodel you will save much time and money when calling Kawartha Lakes General Contracting first. There is no easy answers for costs and time-lines as every job is different. Please contact us for a better answer and take advantage of our free, no obligation, initial consultation at your location.

Kawartha Lakes General Contracting will get you the best possible value and will certainly save you the time and troubles when you do it yourself or plan and schedule the services and trades and materials yourself. For example we recently remodelled a client’s bathrooms and found these high quality vanities at our local supplier for more than 50% the saving than custom build and we had the full project of 2 bathrooms finished after fully gutting in 5 weeks where had we ordered custom cabinets we would have been waiting for another 8 weeks and paying more than twice the overall costs.

How do we get started?

We need to meet. We come to your location and look at what you have, take measurements, look at samples, discuss options, and more.

Lets Get Started: Contact Us by phone or complete our online form and schedule a free, no obligation, initial consultation and meeting at your location. Details see our What To Expect page.

One Call does it ALL for your Lake Home Additions, Remodels, Renovations, and so much More!

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